Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Headache Research

When back at Homecoming this past week I had the privilege of sitting through numerous lectures and learning a vast amount on new discoveries in chiropractic and health.  After years of research the cause of headaches has been identified!  A previously unknown anatomical structure has been found in the cervical spine.  It is a point of cervical muscle that attaches to the dura mater, the sheath that covers the spinal cord.  When a misalignment in the cervical spine happens and the inevitable loss in proper lordotic curve happens strain is put at this point and causes irritation, inflammation and reduces flow-age of cerebral spinal fluid.  This causes increase in pressure in the cranium and the result......Headache!  Since the dawn of time people have had headaches but could never scientifically explain many of them.  After this wonderful research it appears that  many headaches and previously diagnosed migraines can be relieved and prevented through proper chiropractic care!  Personally we have been able to help many patients that have suffered for long periods of time.  One woman I recently saw suffered for 25 years!!!!! With in 3 visits she was pain free and has gotten a completely new outlook on life!  If you know of anyone that suffers please let them know we want to help and would love to take a look at them and see if there is anything we can do!   Thank you!!!  Yours in Health, Dr. Matthew Monson